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“Chicago, A View Over Time” takes on subjects explored in Linda’s book: race, marriage, mental illness, and Chicago history. You can read “sneak previews” of book excerpts, and even get a peek at some scenes that had to be cut, but are still fun, poignant, or intriguing.


Family Archaeologist explores a century of family letters, diaries, and artifacts, and how they illuminate history and our shared humanity. To get an overview of the blog, click: “Welcome to Family Archaeologist

Family Archaeologist

Letters of a World War II Airman shares original letters to and from my uncle, Frank Ebner Gartz, from 1943-1945, tracing the course of WWII, life on the home front, and the evolution of a neighborhood kid into seasoned airman.

Letters of a WWII Airman


When anger transforms to mental illness

Louise Koroschetz, Mom's mother: Grandma K, probably Easter 1951 Grandma K was delusional, depressed, and vicious just months before my parents were to be married. Was it mere coincidence? Or did the thought of losing her only child to marriage tip her already irascible, easy-to-anger personality into the world of psychosis? It was the summer of 1942. My mother and [...]

June 15th, 2017|Chicago: A View Over Time, Mental illness|

“Would you panic if a Negro moved next door?” Sat. Evening Post

In July 1962, a few months after I graduated from grade school and one year before the first black family moved onto our block, The Saturday Evening Post, a venerable magazine of the time, ran an article entitled, "Confessions of a Blockbuster." I highly recommend it to understand how insidious racist lending policies, exploited by real estate predators, undermined the housing dreams of both black and white families.

Race and change in 1960’s West Side Chicago

Well, the mystery of who bought the Young-Parker house has been solved. As more or less expected, the colored moved in today 6-22-63 From the diary of Lillian Gartz June 22, 1963 This diary entry Mom wrote opens my upcoming book, Redlined, Race and Change in 1960’s Chicago (publish date April 3, 2018).  The event it recounts occurred at the height [...]

Mental Health Month – My Family’s Trial with Mental Illness

It's Mental Health Month, so I’m going to tell you of my family’s experience with mental illness, starting in the early 1940s. What is it like to live with a mentally ill family member when you have no support, no medication, and few options for care? The anguish escalates when mental institutions, which should offer support and a safe place [...]

May 3rd, 2017|Chicago: A View Over Time|

Chicago’s Riverview Park and the Racist Dunk Tank

Photo Credit: Chuck Wlodarczyk Chicago’s iconic Riverview Amusement Park closed fifty years ago, in 1967. Riverview was a place of carnies and pink spun cotton candy; where the Bobs roller coaster careened around tight curves and plunged down steep tracks so fast that thousands of women’s clip-on earrings tore off–later to be displayed in a huge trunk on [...]

April 4th, 2017|Black history, Chicago: A View Over Time, Race, Race relations|

Valentine-Be Mine across the century

Happy Valentine's Day to all. writes that 85% of Valentine's Cards are sent by women! That makes this sweet little card even more unusual-because it was sent from a man, my grandfather, Josef, just one month after his arrival in America January 1911. (Read about Josef's adventurous trip at these posts: Terror Atop the Train, Threats to the Dream, Out to Sea) He sent [...]

February 14th, 2017|Ancestors, Chicago: A View Over Time, Genealogy, romance|

Perfect Valentine gal to commitment-reluctant guy

An adorable Valentine for a gal to send! (Scroll down to see entire card) Lil was already madly in love with Fred, but he found it hard to express his emotions. (Sound familiar?) So what's a girl to do? Can't appear too eager...yet...want him to know you care. Is this perfect or what? Feel free to print and make your [...]

February 10th, 2017|Ancestors, Chicago: A View Over Time, family history, Genealogy, love, romance|

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