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Seeing Santa

My online friend, Shirley Hershey Showalter, inspired me to write this post about a favorite Christmas memory. I signed up to...

The “Mankini” as cutting edge beach fashion

The “Mankini” as cutting edge beach fashion

Chicago and family history buffs (no pun intended) –and anyone who enjoys a good laugh, should get a kick out...


At age 17, my mother became the sole support of her parents The Depression had destroyed 50% of all manufacturing jobs in Chicago. Her father was a tool and die maker, a machinist–and sixty-years-old to boot, so...tough luck for him. He got the boot. When the banker came around to demand their mortgage payments, he said, "Why don't you take your daughter out of school and send her to work to pay the mortgage?"

“He knows all the little innuendoes of kissing…”

Oh it was heavenly! He knows all the little innuendoes of kissing and I ain’t so bad m’self, if I do say so We kissed for about an hour and a half. Tonight was like a page from a storybook, and he definitely is the man I want to marry. Dear God, please let it come true!!

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