Race relations

“Would you panic if a Negro moved next door?” Sat. Evening Post

In July 1962, a few months after I graduated from grade school and one year before the first black family moved onto our block, The Saturday Evening Post, a venerable magazine of the time, ran an article entitled, "Confessions of a Blockbuster." I highly recommend it to understand how insidious racist lending policies, exploited by real estate predators, undermined the housing dreams of both black and white families.

Race and change in 1960’s West Side Chicago

Well, the mystery of who bought the Young-Parker house has been solved. As more or less expected, the colored moved...

Birthing a book with She Writes Press

The good news is that my book will be published next April-2018. Hooray!! The bad news is – getting a...

Chicago’s Riverview Park and the Racist Dunk Tank

Chicago’s iconic Riverview Amusement Park closed fifty years ago, in 1967. Riverview was a place of carnies and pink spun...

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