“A stunning debut memoir . . . “
Kirkus Reviews

“A captivating personal story told through the lives of her Chicago family, Gartz probes the invisible web of oppression that affected both whites and blacks.”
—Bill Kurtis, Peabody and Emmy Award-winner, TV news anchor for CBS Television Network

Why Redlined is an important read in today’s world:

  • What is redlining?: The racist mortgage policy of redlining (1933–1968) denied home loans of any kind in communities with even a single Black person. Fearing for their property investment, Whites fled.
  • Result of redlining: Blacks were denied the ability to invest in property, making it impossible for them to pass down accumulated wealth over generations.
  • Impact of redlining today:
    • Today African American families have about 6–7% the wealth of White families.
    • Redlining segregated America, concentrating poverty and violence in neighborhoods without access to wealth.
  • Insight: Redlining is another example of how the odds have repeatedly, and purposely, been stacked against Black Americans.
  • Redlined is unique: Redlined tells a multigenerational story—it’s not an academic book. It that takes the reader into the lives of my family, with boots-on-the-ground before, during, and after the racial changes in our West Side Chicago community, interweaving the dramas of our lives with the facts and fallout of the redlining policy.
  • Redlined is a personal story: Based on thousands of pages of letters and diaries, Redlined tells the story of my parents, Fred and Lil, who staked their financial future on a two-flat on Chicago’s West Side. We follow them into unknown territory as they struggle to raise a family and cope with death, madness, and the volatile uprising of the 1960s.
  • Learn more about redlining here.

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Redlined is an award-winning book, named Best Book of the Year, Indie Nonfiction, by Chicago Writers Association. Learn more here.

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Six-time Emmy-honored Linda Gartz is a documentary producer, author, blogger, educator, and archivist. Her memoir, Redlined, was inspired by the trove of long-hidden family diaries, letters, photos, and much more, which she discovered in her parents’ attic after their deaths. Learn more about Linda here.


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