Learn How Real Estate Redlining Walled off the Races

A poignant family memoir interwoven with the history of redlining;

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These extra materials add depth and greater detail to the story. They include photos dating from 1911 through the 1980s, as well as maps of the changing demographics of Chicago’s West Side. Many print readers said they loved seeing the Gartz family over time.

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You can find Redlined in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture as well as the National Museum of American History Library.

What readers say about Redlined

" A stunning debut memoir…. ”

Kirkus Reviews [starred]

“A captivating personal story told through the lives of her Chicago family, Gartz probes the invisible web of oppression that affected both whites and blacks.”

— Bill Kurtis, CBS News anchor, TV producer/host, and Peabody and Emmy-award winner

“Fearless and precise… impossible to put down.”

—Sharon Solwitz, author of Once, in Lourdes. First Place Fiction: Society of Midland Authors

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Six-time Emmy-honored Linda Gartz is a documentary producer, author, blogger, educator, and archivist. Her memoir, Redlined, was inspired by the trove of long-hidden family diaries, letters, photos, and much more, which she discovered in her parents’ attic after their deaths.

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