You’ll See Red
in the Divide Between Black and White

Learn How Real Estate Redlining Walled off the Races

“A stunning debut memoir . . .”
Kirkus Reviews: Best Books of 2018

“A captivating personal story told through the lives of her Chicago family, Gartz probes the invisible web of oppression that affected both whites and blacks.”
—Bill Kurtis, Peabody and Emmy Award-winner, TV news anchor for CBS Television Network

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Latest news! You can find Redlined in
the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture
as well as the National Museum of American History Library.

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Why do Black Americans die from COVID-19 at twice the rate of Whites? Redlining has played a major role.
Read: “Mapping the Disparities That Bred an Unequal Pandemic.”

Let Redlined deepen your understanding of why racism is still with us—through the words and thoughts of a family with boots-on-the-ground before, during, and after their neighborhood’s racial change.

  • Have you ever wondered why our major urban areas, and especially Chicago, remain highly segregated?
  • Did you know that our own federal government policy that “inharmonious racial groups should not live together,” used “redlining” to deny African Americans homeownership and confine them to certain neighborhoods?
  • Would you be intrigued by a family saga, revealed in long-hidden letters and diaries, that exposes these larger historical facts, as well as truths of marriage, mental illness, and coming of age during the turbulent 1960s?

Then find out what readers of Redlined already know in overwhelmingly five-star Amazon reviews:

  • “Hope this book makes it to the big screen!” Onofrio Divietro
  • “I loved this book! . . . . Racism, sexual revolution, mental illness, alienation, reconciliation—all wrapped up in a poignant package that is both heart-breaking and redemptive.” C.V. Young
  • “Set in the west side during the White Flight of the era, Gartz has fashioned an exquisite frame for how to tell the story of the insidious practice of Redlining in human terms.”  Rita Dragonnette, author of the award-winning The Fourteenth of September
  • “Spellbinding.” Adrienne Lieberman
  • “This book captivated me from page one.” Barbara Hague
  • “A riveting memoir of a family buffeted by the unknowns, such as irrational governmental policies and an unfulfilled longing for love, acceptance and recognition.” M.K. Krigbaum
  • “Impossible to put down.” Sharon Solwitz, author of Once in Lourdes, First Place Fiction 2018, Society of Midland authors

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Six-time Emmy-honored Linda Gartz is a documentary producer, author, blogger, educator, and archivist. Her memoir, Redlined, was inspired by the trove of long-hidden family diaries, letters, photos, and much more, which she discovered in her parents’ attic after their deaths. Learn more about Linda here.


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