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“Redlined” audiobook now here at steep discount!

I’m thrilled to announce that the audiobook version of Redlined is now available on more than forty retailers. For a short time, it’s being offered at a steep discount at four retailers starting at only $6.99. (On Audible, it’s one credit, if you’re a member).

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A few posts ago I wrote about the audiobook “coming out soon.”  Well, not as soon as I’d hoped. The distributor, Findaway Voices, had “site problems” the day I uploaded my book. No, really? Maybe that’s why it took eight hours to upload the files. It should have taken no more than an hour. But I got an extra bonus for the “site problem:” an additional delay of at least three weeks until it came out on all retailers, so I apologize for the delay.

Two great narrators and John Marshall Media Production

In this link, you can get a brief overview of how the audiobook came into being and about the two amazing audio actors who read the book, Moe Egan, and Robin Miles, whose narration is seamlessly interwoven by the production company of John Marshall Media, NY. JMM is a multi-Grammy winning audio production studio, who produced the Harry Potter series, so they know what they’re doing).

Thanks for your patience. Below is a graphic showing all the places where you can get the special discount, It won’t last forever, so get it now.

Thanks for following and please pass on the word to all your book-listening friends.

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Redlined tells a first-hand story about a West Side Chicago family’s personal struggles and dreams intersecting with the racial upheavals of the 1960s.

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