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Frank Ebner Gartz and other young men
training for war

Boys are disappearing, this neighbor reports, heading to war. No wonder everyone is “jittery.”

March 29, 1943

My dear Frank,

Just a short letter this time.

Received your very welcome letter and was so very glad to hear…you are liking your surroundings better each day. We are having a cold snap again and even had snow flurries Sunday. Of course you are colder than we are here.

I was up to see your mother since I got your letter, and she read it and was so happy to know I had written to you. I saw William in the alley the other morning; he looks fine but working hard as usual. He had been dow to the 2-flat building for a coffee just as wanted to take it to work as they have a snack between meals.

You did not say when the radio “We, the People” is on the air as we all want to listen in. Your folks will listen as well and see if we can recognize your voice.

Everybody is as jittery as usual and will be as long as this war is on and the boys keep leaving home. I know of several leaving this week and just a few minutes ago a young man from one building went out with his suitcase for somewhere. His name is McLearly—lives on the third floor and the only child and his father is dead; sad for both son and mother. So many such cases.

Wait until you are Colonel and see what you will do to the ones under you? Have fun, I hope, and scare him to death!

I am glad to hear from you any time you care to write; it seems such a short time ago you were running around telling people you were going to be a doctor when you got big and here you are a soldier for Uncle Sam and he does need you.

I will say goodbye for this time and do hope that you like the West better. Lots of love and best wishes.

Mrs. Mae Hall
4100 Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Ill.

Note: There’s a flurry of letters around this time–sometimes two written on the same date, so I’m going to space them out, meaning some won’t be posted on the exact date written.

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