Lil & Fred 1941Lil and Fred are at it again–this time it’s a date to go horseback riding–if rain doesn’t interfere. These two knew how to party—Lots of kissin’, a good deal of drinking, out till 4 a.m—and an ambiguous “snack” described near the end. 

Sunday, October 5, 1941

Here I am again!

Fred phoned my home yesterday afternoon….Mom relayed on to me the message about Fred so I phoned his house at once and Bill [Fred’s older brother] answered the phone. Fred was out so Bill asked me for him to go riding that night with a gang. Of course I said yes, although I’m not very good at it yet.

Further it was raining cats and dogs, but he mentioned we would all go to a house party if it was still raining. I always get such a thrill when Fred calls me!

I did a little shopping, dashed home and was ready when Fred called for me. It was raining all evening so we all went to a house party on the South Side. All the gals were in riding breeches, and, for that matter, so were the men.

Had a simply wonderful time. We had about seven Scotch and sodas, sang many songs to the accompaniment of Hank, who is a wonderful popular-style pianist. Fred and I played billiards, and he won (my first time playing that game.)

Fred and I also danced the Beer Barrel Polka, our theme song, then sank exhausted on the bed they have in the basement for lounging use, by way of explanation. Later someone turned out the lights, so Freddie and I took advantage of the situation. He’s so darned sweet!

We had a lovely “snack” later and got home at 4:00 a.m. Freddie and I kissed just about all the way home. I never seem to tire of kissing that lad. (If I don’t marry him, this sure would make mighty interesting reading to some other spouse. It had better be he—for me!!) If not, this goes in solitary confinement.

Friday,  Oct. 10, 1941  [Fred’s Birthday]
So having already reported on the eve of October 4, I shall now write about Fred’s birthday celebration.
I had caught another terrific cold Sunday, which took til Tuesday to come out full force. Freddie phoned me last night fo the date. I met him at Lewis Institute – Damen and Madison – and ran into his brother, Bill, in front of the school, who was there to take care of Fred’s books.
We went with Kenny Eggen and his gal friend, Arlyne Hennings – a lovely tall blonde model. Went to the “Glass Hat” cocktail lounge in the Hotel Graemere. Had about six scotch and sodas and really had a grand time. Fred and I soloed again as usual. Danced a waltz and the Beer Barrel [Polka] to the organ music interlude between band sessions.
Fred had their precious car tonite – took a taxi to his house.

When kissing me goodnight, he paused and said, “Hello Darling,” and I for the first time in my life – said “Hello Sweetheart” to a man.

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