Karbach, Cookie brmaid CU

LaVerne “Cookie” Karbach
(bridesmaid photo) Ebner’s
high school girlfriend

Duck in uniform

Harvey Duck


Chicago, Ill
Mar. 3

Dear Ebner

I was waiting [for] Will to send you a Letter but he is with his Air Port Working and so busy so I have to try again.

2 March Cooky [Cookie] kam [came] from Work befor going home and we both visit for [a] goot 1/2 hour. She like her work. You know it already [that] she have Duk’s work. 

Note: “Duk” is Harvey Duck, a classmate of Ebner’s from Austin High SchoolShe means that Cookie, Ebner’s girlfriend, took on Duck’s job, a typical transference of a job to women when all the men went into the military).

Ebner Air Corps emblem

Probably the “insignia” Ebner’s Mom says she gave to Cookie

Try hard. God bless you steady and help you to finish what you wish.

I will [be] praying steady for you by your picture. Sunday afternoon I sent you $25.00 with a letter. Do you need some sweater or anyting [so] you not get a cold? Send me lines. [i.e., write me.] We have very cold here, [and] steady hard working for Papa of course. I [wish] the best for you [wherever] you go and [whatever] you do. God lead and be all the time with you.

With lots of love and kiss. Mother and Dad and Will

Original Letter

Ebner LTRs 1943-02-28 from Mom-1