A few highlights:
“The Mississippi Miseries”—Frank Ebner’s mother referred to this ailment in her previous letter. Here Ebner describes just how it affects him—and so many others. Ebner says he’s been made flight leader (referred to in a previous letter), and here gives a kind of self-satisfied description of what his “duties” are…Orderly Room, Frank Ebner describes is defined as:
— n
military a room in the barracks of a battalion or company used for general administrative purposes


No date on this letter, but clearly written in February because of the content noted above, probably early February.

Air Corps Technical School
Keesler Field, Mississippi

Dear Will,

Never fear about my watch. It will be safe as along as it’s with me but I’m sending it home as soon as I can get around to doing so. It’s losing time fast and is of no real value to me in that condition. I wish you would give it to [Fred] and have him take it to a reliable watchmaker to have it timed.

We have a good man on the Field here but he hasn’t the wrench to work with on this type. I’m sorry to hear about your bad weather up there and I hope it will clear up soon.

Down here it’s damp always. In the morning it’s very damp and chilly but there’s always a clear sky or slightly mottled with fleecy clouds and in the afternoon and late morning it’s warm and clear The cap is only about a fifteen minute walk to town but so far we haven’t been able to leave the camp.

I might get a class B pass and I tell you the reason why soon. This pass is good until 11:00 P.M. Well here’s the pay off. I’ve been made Flight leader and responsible to the sergeants in the Orderly room. That’s over approximately 200 men. At first I was scared as hell but after I got over that I had and am having a good time.

I sit on my tail in the orderly room all day doing odd jobs for the sergeants while the Flight drills like hell. Boy! Is there red tape in this man’s army.

I have what is called the “Mississippi Miserys.” It’s a sort of a cold. I’ve had it about a week now and there’s no change for the better. Nearly all the men down here have it and it’s hell. It’s a cough that almost chokes you and a clogged up nose. It comes from the damp weather. I sent home some personal papers I want kept for me.

Also before I forget, remind Mom not to write to me in German. If she thinks that I can’t read her English then you write it for her. I’m up also for Officers’ Candidate School, but I’m going to pass that up right now until I’m done with my Radio Operator Mechanics course. Well, that finishes this letter right now. Maybe I’ll have more time to write now so you can expect more letters than one a week.

Your dear and loving

P.S. I’m only kidding

Just as I was finishing this letter I heard something like the rumble of thunder and asked what it was. It was the big bombers dropping their load about 14 miles away.

Send that picture of Cookie soon.


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