Ebner walking in San Antonio. Note the little girls and shadows.

Ebner’s feeling homesick—missing being near family on his 20th birthday and Mother’s Day, which in 1944 was May 14th. His sweet side sure comes through. Phone service was sketchy and made communicating difficult. No email or texting ease like today! Like all our World War II soldiers, he’s really still a kid doing a man’s job.

See above for the photo he talks about. It wasn’t labeled with a date or place when I found it among our collection, but this letter tells the story behind it. Take a close look to see what makes it so funny—and note the shadows. Read on.


Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve been trying to call you on the phone ever since Saturday night but no soap—Saturday night the lines were all tied up and also Sunday. So I put in an appointment call for Monday night at 7:00. I thought I’d surely be able to put it through. We went up on a 4 hr. 10 min. flight at 5:00 and I didn’t get to the phone until 9:30. They told me that there was a 4-5 hour delay so I couldn’t put through.

There’s nothing wrong. I just wanted to talk to you folks. I sort of don’t feel right away from home on my birthday and Mother’s Day. I must be going nuts but I actually have been feeling homesick for the past week. I thought I got over that after my 3rd month. I guess I’m just a home boy after all.

I had a photo of me taken in San Antonio walking down the street so I’m sending you a print. By the way those kids don’t belong to me. Their mother is walking behind me. It looks good though! When the boys saw that they almost died laughing. I think I’m going to send it to the Life Magazine. They may print it.

How is your knee getting along, Dad? Take it easy for awhile and you will be O.K. again soon but don’t kill yourself the first day out of bed. I hope Mom had a nice Mother’s Day.

We have been working pretty hard lately but there’s a short let up today. The instructors are going over our logs of the last mission and are questioning the students on the trip. I haven’t been quizzed as yet but I’ll get mine this afternoon.

Tell Will I’ll answer his letters as soon as I can and thank him for writing again.

That cake you sent me was delicious and it came in perfect shape. What kind of frosting was on it? I know that there were nuts in it. By the way those nuts that were inside the cake were swell. If you can get hold of some more I would certainly like to have some.

Let me know what time to call Saturday. I’m going to try again. I wonder if you would let me reverse the charges and you tell me how much it cost. I’ll pay for it but change is so hard to get around here. I’m going to lunch now so till I hear from you.

I’m always your loving son, Frank

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