The three Gartz boys: Fred, Will, and Frank (Frank’s high school photo was spliced in so he appears the same age though he was 10-11 years younger than brothers.)

Below are two letters, written within a day of one another, by Frank to my dad and mother and the second one, just to my mother, Lil.

In the letter to Lil, Frank responds to her letter of 4/14/1944 (see 4/11 post) in which she empathizes with his girlfriend quandary, and tells a funny anecdote about his oldest brother, Will’s, inability to think about anything beyond his work. Frank and my mom, Lil, are simpatico, while Will, though a “grand guy,” is totally absorbed in his work and oh-so-serious.



Dear Lill and Fred,

I’m writing from my classroom desk which is about the size of Will’s in the bedroom minus one side of drawers. As you see by the date this is Sunday and a school building may sound screwy on a Sunday but it’s the only place I could find the peace and quiet I wanted.

I just finished writing a book to Cookie and thought I’d drop you a line to say hello. We will be restricted for 3 weekends before we leave camp and after that I’m sure we will be too busy to go anywhere. Tomorrow we start classes and then it’s a challenge from that time on till we finish who is going to get beat either the government out of a commission or me out of a beautiful setup.

Thanks for the swell Easter card. It was a little late because of the change of address but I knew you were thinking of me anyway. I hope yours was nice. I spent mine on the train on the way up here and getting settled in our new barracks.

Nothing new here except I finally got a good weekends sleep in which you know is quite unusual.

About that money I’m sorry I couldn’t pay it back when I expected to but let me know if you received the $10.00 I did wire you. I haven’t received a letter as yet and I’m a little worried. I’ll pay back the balance this coming pay day.

Well I’m going to do a little reading now so till I write again I remain,

Your aviation cadet,


P.S. Love to you and Lill (I knew I’d get it in somehow).

Below is Frank’s letter responding to my mother, Lil’s, 4/14 letter


Dear Lill,

I wrote a letter to you just one day early but I’ll enclose the necessary information in this one.

First thanks for the tender heart throb you feel in my recent love affair.

I can’t wait to see that house of yours it must be a Lu Lu. Well you know about Will as much as I do. He’s a grand fellow but has nothing in mind besides his work and flying and nothing else is allowed to interfere. Not what you want to hear and which I meant to put in before you asked.

I would rather you waited with all presents as you, meaning the whole family, can do me more good in helping me get together a uniform. Right now I need some sun tan shirts and trousers, a set of which in camp here costs $6.60. You would have to pay quite a bit more in Chi.

I’ll need several more pair and had intended to purchase them after my next pay day. The days are getting hot now and the laundry doesn’t come back any too quick. A change of clothing will be needed every other day in the near future.

This is about the best thing I could ask for and Mother would see that it was very practical.

With all my love,



Original Letters

Original letter to Lil below: