Ebner LTRs 1943-3-30 promotion article Mom

The Garfieldian (local paper of West & perhaps East Garfield Park, Chicago); Article on Frank’s promotion to Private 1st Class

Frank is promoted to Private First Class, but the first his family hears of it is in this blurb in their local paper, The Garfieldian. Older brother Will is now teaching and, as all in the family do, downplays his achievements.

(edited for interest and brevity)

Chicago, Ill

April 7, 1943

Dear Frank:

Hi Old boy. Sorry not to have written sooner, but I’ve really been busy assuming the latest assignment as instructor on Servicing of Aircraft. Boy what a headache and to think I have enough nerve to stand at the head of a class of some 40 and 50 people. Tch! Tch!

The money that was sent came from the Webster concern with a note to the effect that it was money that had been deducted as Victory Tax and amounted to $1.50. This along with your other money has been deposited in your bank account.

Today, April 7th, we received your letter of April 5th and the pin for Mom and particularly the tender greetings with it. You’re rating is like the song, “Your A-1 in the Army and A-1 in My Heart.” Good boy! We also received the good news that you’re taking care of the mouth condition despite the Army’s inattentiveness. I’m sure that the situation will clear up under the treatment you’re giving it.

Here is a basement plan of where the stairway was placed. You will note that the sheds mark with dotted lines in the west front room were transferred to the laundry and marked L.  I think that this diagram speaks fo itself in showing the stairway, a close spiraling affair just where we used to go into the passage to the front basement under the front porch.

By the way, Mom sent you trunks and sweat socks, etc. On the 1st of April. Let us know if you have received them or not.

Today April 7th Mom sent you a watch which somebody had given to Pop and it is hoped it will fill the bill until yours is fixed. Again also en route today was sent some cake (1 dozen chocolate brownies).

Well I guess this about covers the home front except that I’m waiting for another reclassification on way or the other.

In closing, we all send you our best wishes and love.

Your brother


PS Excuse the above hen scratching but the hour is late.

P.P.S. Question: How is it that a notice of your promotion got into the Garfieldian. Do you know? [See clip above]

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