Aleutian Islands off Alaska, where Frank Von Arx is stationed.

Aleutian Islands off Alaska, where Frank Von Arx is stationed.

Frank Von Arx, Frank Gartz's best friend

Frank Von Arx, Frank Gartz’s best friend

The two Franks (Von Arx and Gartz), 18-year-old high school buddies, were so close, they called each other’s parents “Mom and Pop,” as here. This letter indicates that Frank “Ebner” Gartz is now in Santa Ana, CA. Frank Von Arx-“Somewhere in the Aleutians.”


Somewhere in the Aleutians
Monday, February 21, 1943 [should be 1944]

Dear Mom and Pop Gartz,

I received your letter just recently and was very glad to hear from you. I would have answered you sooner only I was raveling and could not. Anyway, it was good to know tht you are all well and happy. They tell me at home that you have had a big snow storm and I can imagine how much work that means for you. Maybe that will be the last one this winter.

You say that Ebner wrote about me not hearing from you! That is a mistake I guess because I got your Christmas letter with the picture of the whole family including Lil and it was perfect. I get it out a lot and it is almost like actually seeing you. It is a very good picture and thanks a lot for sending it.

That is too bad about the two-flat catching on fire. I hope everything is ok again.

You maybe noticed that I have a different address. I am still out on the Aleutians, but am at a much nicer place than before. We have good food, good beds and houses, and I feel fine. I am working at the hanger and am kept pretty busy, as time goes fast.

Ebner wrote from Santa Ana and said he is studying to be a navigator. I bet you are proud of him. He really is doing pretty good. I guess Johnny Hetzel and I won’t have to wake him up every Sunday morning for Sunday School anymore. He will get up himself, or will he?

I haven’t got much more to say so I will close. Thanks a lot for writing and I appreciate you taking time to do so.

I will write a few line to Bill, so till next time.


Frank #8

11th fighter Sq. APO 980
? P.M. Seattle, Wash

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