Koroschetz, Lil Gibney's office; spring 1938

Lillian Gartz executive secretary to Mr. Gibney,
president of The Bayer [aspirin] Company

Working seven days a week up to  twelve hours a day was common for my Dad during the war years. My Mom, Lillian, had long hours too, working as the executive secretary for the president of the Bayer Company [think: Bayer Aspirin]  in downtown Chicago. She was an expert typist, as you can see in the letter below. Her letters to her new “brother” (my dad’s younger brother, Frank “Ebner” Gartz, when he’s training for the Army Air Corps) are jaunty and fun. If you want to enlarge the print, just hold your command or control button and press the + key (upper right on most keyboards) to enlarge.

Ebner LTRs 1943-03-12 from Lil-1