Hi wonderful followers.  I’m a true believer that art in the time of disaster is the most soothing comfort of all. We see it popping up everywhere, Yo-Yo Ma playing Dvorak, Italian tenor, Maurizio Marchini serenading from his balcony in Florence, and more. Here’s a link to what I  think will get you snapping your fingers, jumping up to dance with a sheltered-in partner (or by yourself), and whip you out of coronavirus blues!

To the point: Watch this 2:50 minute joyful, exuberant, fun, and distracting-from-bad-news YouTube of Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth, two lithe, elegant dancers—leaping, twirling, tapping, and grinning gleefully to the music of Jackie Wilson’s, Your Love is Taking me Higher. It’s an inspired re-engineering of Wilson’s music with 1942 choreography from the movie, You Were Never Lovelier.

This film came out the year my parents were dating and then married. See this sample post of my mother’s diary of falling in love, their happiness in love a distraction in and of itself. Astaire and Hayworth were the stars of my parents’ lives, bringing their special joy to a nation at war, in those times, with a visible enemy; now we’re at war with an invisible enemy.

I guarantee this will lift your spirits, so keep the link handy for a daily antidote to the coronavirus blues!

Stay healthy, social distance, but stay in virtual touch with friends and family.

With love and health to you all,