Chicago, ILL, 8-25-43

My Dear Ebner,

I am glad your cold is better. Please take care of yourself. I will send you another $10, but please send a card right back and tell us only that you had received and how much you got. You don’t have to thanks for the money. That is Pa’s wish–he told me to tell you, but please say in the next letter how much money you got in Miami from us.

So long as you there, tell us whatever you need. As long as God gives us the health we be willing to give you all you need. You know that if you get away from there, send a telegram. God be with you all the way and all the time. Just have patience.

We cannot drink here the water. It is so much sickness, so we cook it or drink juice.

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Ebner Dear, We all know you try with your laundry the best you can. [Ebner had complained about how often he had to do laundry and how expensive it was]. See last letter:

We all have faith that you do the right. Don’t be discouraged. Whatever come up be thankful to God you are in the States and healthy. I pray to God every day as you know.  Sunday I had your hymn book in church. [She keeps his hymnbook with her as a way to remind her of his presence]. Have you got there a Lutheran church? Was you there some Sunday?

Tell me what you have to eat and how you like it. We all are all right. Hope the same from you. Will will have soon take his test if God help him. So will God help you too in all your are doing. If you have good films [photos] from [yourself], send them home. I will have them as soon they are here developed.

We all will send you some, the neighbors as well, so you not be forgotten here. You be always with us all.  [Fred and Lil], Cookie and Vera [went to the 51 Club] 19 August. So God bless and be with you all the time and always.

Lots of Love and kisses, Mother

Love from all, Pa, Will, [Fred], and Lill

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