Sunday, Oct 19 (bday celebration) 150 words

Had Gert, Myrtle Haling, Ruth, and Marge Johnson and Lucille Kaye as well as Ceil over to help celebrate my birthday. Had a most enjoyable day – one of the nicest birthdays I’ve had. Though I’d have to arrange to play some games, but the crowd was so congenial that conversation was definitely sufficient entertainment.

Gert gave me a recent picture of herself, a darling little traveling case, and brought a beautiful gardenia corsage with a dubonnet ribbonon it from her pop. Very thoughtful, I’ll say.

I thought tonight, if I am never happy again I really shouldn’t complain because I’ve had such a very full life already. Good friends, on excellent friend, Gert of course, romances behind me, and now a young man I’ve been looking for all my days, wonderfully good parents, an excellent job, mein Liebchen, was willst Du noch mehr? [My Dear, what more do you want?]

How could I forget—on Wednesday Gibney told me he had authorization from HM Manns, Pres, for an increase to $130 per month. Not bad, eh—for a kid of 24, minus college?

Also on Friday we learned that effective Nov. 1 we are to work 8:00 to 5:00 and no Saturday. Ah, life—how wonderful! Couldn’t resist phoning Fred at his lab to tell him these two good pieces of news.

So here I am—Monday night, Oct. 20, and up to date on my diary. Took me an hour to write—and I’m going? Something? 40 but I think some day these notes will be worth the effort.

Also, Mom and Pop crossed off my remaining five buck debt so with an allowance of $27.00 every 2 weeks, I should be able to get along. Intend to save $20 per month—but definitely—and I had better! I just have to pay $7.00 to the telephone Co. and then I’ll be all caught up, save [except for] a $22.00 balance on my fur coat, payable $1.00 semi-montly.