Frank writes condolences to his sister-in-law, my mom for the death of her dad a few days earlier. (See Sept. 20, 1943 letter from Frank’s mother, my grandmother, informing him of the death.)

As an eighteen-year-old, he tried his best to share his sympathy, but such a young person had to rely on the tried and true. His words may come across somewhat trite, but many of us a good deal older, couldn’t do much better.


(Note: Ebner dated this letter 6-25, but that’s not possible since my mom’s father died on 9/20/43)


Dear Lill,

I’m sorry to hear of your misfortune but as others must have told you, it was for the best. I’m sure that he is in a much better place now where there is eternal rest and the relief from the trials and trouble of t his world. I know how you feel to have someone tell you that it’s for the best when they haven’t lost a loved one…but I’m sure the good Lord wanted it that way.

I have started school and I’m getting along as well as can be noticed in my first three days. I have been made a flight sergeant and am going to like it very much. The past student officers have confused the student marching so badly that it will take about a week to straighten them out into a real marching group.

We just had a personal inspection and I got a gig (demerit) for not having my bed made right. I don’t think I have mentioned it before, but we have a swell bunch of officers. They have a swell sense of humor and can appreciate a joke. Tell Fred I’ve been made an assistant math instructor and I won’t have any trouble with it at all.

I’m in good shape and feeling swell, but the last two days everyone had a touch of dysentery and had a merry night of running to the latrine.

Our P.T. (Physical Training) is pretty rough here and we are learning to run great distances without stopping. It’s tough but we are taking it in our stride.

Well, Toots, has Fred lost his weight? Or are we going to call my debt even; he still has a month to go. How are you feeling?

Well, this is Saturday night and I don’t want to miss any fun so I’m going to quit now to write again in the future.

Love to both of you,
Your Brother,