Frank Ebner Gartz posing with other Truax Field trainees.

After weeks of stress, worried he wouldn’t pass his physical and other tests required to become an aviation cadet, after encouraging words from home, Frank’s perseverance has paid off. He’s been accepted and will leave shortly for Miami to start over with basic training to prepare for war from the skies.




Dear Mom:

Just a note to leave you know I’m still alive and cooking. Thank Will for his present. It came just in time and was appreciated very much. [Fred] and Lil were up here last Sunday and we had a nice visit. They are stopping here on their way home this coming Sunday. They met Vera and son and I think they like her. Anyway we are going to the “Cave of the Mounds” when they get here.

One of the nicest fellows left for the cadets today. I guess it won’t be long before I’m going myself. I’m going to send Will a book I’d like to get rid of.

My love to everyone so auf wiedersehen for now.

Your Loving son,


Below is the list with the latest official acceptances as military cadets. Frank Gartz, listed 16th from the top, from Truax’s 620th Technical School Squadron, will be on his way to Miami in just a few days. The list begins with the following paragraph:

The following have been found qualified for Aviation Cadet Appointment are ordered to AAFTTC, BTC #4, Miami Beach, Fla, and WP thereto so as to arrive and report to the CO [Commanding Officer] thereat 4 August, 1943 for pre-aviation Cadet basic training.

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