Frank’s mom wrote to him about his father’s severely infected knees. Frank writes these two very short letters, the first to both his parents, the second, about two weeks later, just to his dad, my grandfather. In an earlier letter, my grandmother had written to Frank (Ebner) telling her son of Grandpa’s knee injury. (See letter “Bad new from the Winter World War II home front: infected knees.”) Here I think Frank is just trying to establish a personal communication with his father so he can encourage him in the future to take care of himself.


(No date, but based on content, about 3/16/44)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Just a note to tell you I’m feeling swell and am anxious to get moving. I hope you are in good shape and that Dad’s knee will be well soon.

That girl I wrote you about is very nice and I like her very much. I think she is as nice as Cookie and has a lot more spunk and life.

Cookie told me she had some pictures you wanted to see so I’m sending you the same ones. I had intended to do so for some time but when I thought of it I could not find the photos. They aren’t very good but it’s the best I can do at the moment.

I’m going to have to quit writing soon and get ready for exercise but I’ll tell you a few more things.

My gal in town [this is Marjorie, whom he wrote about] will send you a package for me containing many things for Will and some letters I wish you would put away for me. Also there is a knife there for Sam. I got it in Los Angeles in the Mexico quarter and thought he might like it.
Till I write again, I remain,
Your loving son, Frank 

Letter to Dad only

 (No date but, based on content, it must be about April 1) 

Dear Dad,

How long has it been? I can’t remember and I’d like to forget but I’ve thought of writing often and never got around to do it.

Thank June [Von Arx–his best friend’s sister] for sending me the bulletins and say hello to all for me. I hope everyone is feeling as good as I am and are as happy.

I finished pre-flight last week and I will go to advanced navigation in a week or so. Where??? Your guess is almost as good as mine. I think it will be Texas (I know it looks like a 7).

I’m getting too fat here. They feed us too well.

How’s the business? The last time I got a letter from Mom she told me you were trying to kill yourself working. I hope you are taking it a little easier now.

I’m running out of things to tell you so I guess I’ll have to quit now anyway it’s time for evening mess.

So till I write again, I remain, Your loving 2nd son, Frank

xxx for Mom

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