11 July [1943]

 Dear Mom,

 Here I am again. I have a little time now before I have to go to class so I thought I’d drop you a line. The flight went down to the line today to fly mission #5. There was one ship too [few] and therefore 3 men were left on the ground. There’s 3 of us who washed back into this class so we were picked. 

 This gave me plenty of time to get a shave and take a shower before dinner. Now it’s after dinner and we expect the others back soon. I’ll be leaving for the classroom in a few minutes–that is after I finish this letter.

The first of the fellows just came in from the flight so I guess we will have a class this afternoon. We were supposed to have an examination this afternoon, #4, but I don’t think we will have it. It’s a 4 hour exam and the way they’re coming in, there won’t be enough time for it. 

 How is everyone back there? Are you in good health? How’s Dad’s knee? Tell that brother, Fred, that if doesn’t stop addressing my letters to PFC. Frank E. Gartz I’m going to get sore at him. Also tell him I’ll box his ears for him.

How is Will these days? Busy as usual I supposed. Has he his [pilots’s] license yet or didn’t he make it? I’d like to hear from him when he has  a chance. I’ve been hearing from Frank Von Arx pretty often these days. He expects to be home for Christmas. I hope he gets here. He sure deserves it. Well, I’ll have to get ready to go to class now so I’ll sign off. Till I can write again, I’m your 

Loving son,


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