Letter #1

USO 6-9-43

Dear Mom:

I can’t tell how this writing looks because I had my eyes dilated today and all I can see is a blurred line. The Dr. Said that I was a little farsighted and I have to see him again Friday. I’m at the USO, as you can see, so I thought that I should drop you a line. 

Cookie sent me a big chocolate cake yesterday. My cold just don’t get any better. It’s on my chest now and I cough deeply. 

 Tell me when you get the second bond as they took two out of my pay and I’m not going to let them get away with anything. 

 I met a nice girl in Madison and like her very much. She and I have been going out to the USO and the camp and are having a good time. I think you would like her very much. She gives me someone to tell my troubles to and share my enjoyment. LastSunday we went to the show and saw Larzen. It was swell. 

 Well here comes the Bit again––Please send me another 10 dollars. You know that I hate like hell to ask and keep on asking for money but there is no other way out. Well, I guess I’ll close now and write a letter to Will and one to Fred and Lil. 

 Your Loving Son


P.S. I’ve got a good idea that I’ll be coming in Sat. Night.

Letter #2

Letter to oldest brother, Will, below, on same date.

USO 6-9-43

Dear Will:

Mom’s letter will explain my writing. I know it’s awful but that’s the Dr.’s fault. I want to thank you for that last batch of cash you sent me as it sure came in handy. I was  down to my last 75 cents last night and got in a black jack game and walked off with $2.50. Well, that will keep me for a few days.

I though I’m down to $1.25 now and my tonight I’ll have 75 cents again. I guess you’ll have to do all of the Gartz family flying. I’m just a wash-out as far as flying goes. I’ll have another chance the 21st, but I’ve got a good hunch that I’m not going to make it. If I do watch my dust.

Well, take care of yourself and misbehave once in a while. It’s a lot of fun. I might come home Sat. So till I see you I remain your chum,

(spelled with a “ch” not a “b.”


Original Letters

Original letter to Will below. Original letter to Mom below that.