In these two letters, written about a week apart, Frank (not yet twenty years old) updates his parents about the girl he met in California, and hopes they don’t say too much about her to his at-home girlfriend, Cookie. A young man’s heart, far from home, seems a bit confused.

Letter #1

(No date, but based on content, about 3/16-3/20/1944)


Dear Mom and Dad,

Just a note to tell you I’m feeling swell and am anxious to get moving. I hope you are in good shape and that Dad’s knee will be well soon.

That girl I wrote you about is very nice and I like her very much. I think she is as nice as Cookie and has a lot more spunk and life.

Cookie told me she had some pictures you wanted to see so I’m sending you the same ones. I had intended to do so for some time but when I thought of it I could not find the photos.

They aren’t very good but it’s the best I can do at the moment.

I’m going to have to quit writing soon and get ready for exercise but I’ll tell you a few more things.

My gal in town will send you a package for me containing many things for Will and some letters I wish you would put away for me. Also there is a knife there for Sam. I got it in LosAngeles in the Mexico quarter and thought he might like it.

Till I write again, I remain,

Your loving son,



In Frank’s next letter to his parents, he admits he had told Cookie about his new girlfriend, and that “it’s all over now” [with Marjorie, the California girl]. He’ll be shipping out soon to his next training destination, so he and Marjorie had to break up at some point.

Letter #2

(Second letter to parents—about upshot with California gal, Marjorie.)


Dear Mom and Dad,

I received another package from you just a few minutes ago and I’m getting pretty hungry. I used every one of the rags but you can stop sending them now because I’m going to ship next week. It will be on or about April 6. I’ll leave you know where I am as soon as I arrive and then correspondence will go on as usual. How is Dad’s knee? If you could one more package would get here before I shipped if you send it as usual.

Sweetheart, thanks for not telling Cookie too much about this girl out here but I told her almost too much myself. It’s all over with now and I’m back on the ball again.

Did you receive my package? In it you will find a certificate I received. I wish you would keep it handy in case I might need it. Did you get the photos of the squadron and myself O.K.? I have another I want to send but I haven’t the method of getting it there without it getting wrinkled so I’ll hold it till I can. I have to go to lunch now so I’m going to stop writing now.

Till I write again I remain your loving son,



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