This photo was labeled “Ebner’s first breakfast at home on leave from Madison Wis., Spring, 1943,” which connects it to the impending visit written about in this postcard.

A World War II soldier son coming home for a visit was cause for a celebration. This iconic photo of the breakfast spread my grandmother made for her youngest son, who was stationed at Truax Field in Wisconsin, must have been taken shortly after Frank wrote this postcard during his World War II training, telling his folks he was coming home and bringing a friend. The photo is labeled: Spring 1943.


Truax Field
Madison, Wisconsin


Dear Mom:

Thank you for the last package. It was enjoyed very much. I’m coming home next Monday night and am bringing 2 friends with me. You’ll like them very much. Do you think that we could fix up the couch in the 6 flat building basement? If so, I’d appreciate it very much because it would save them the money of renting a room for the night. Well, I’m in school now so I’d better quit.

Love, your son


Original Letter