Frank at Cave of the Mounds, WI

Frank loved kids. He was the baby of the family—ten years younger than my dad, the second oldest of the three Gartz boys. Even at age eighteen, when so many guys aren’t all that interested in little kids, Frank has fun with them, as this letter shows. It’s an endearing quality that shines through this letter.


Madison, Wisconsin

6-22- 43 

Dear Mom and Dad: 

You made a mistake and put [Fred’s] receipt for his tire in my suitcase. I’m returning it so he can get his tire.

I have some good news for being absent from bed check. I only got 7 days restriction and squadron duty for 7 days. 

We had a blow out on the way back—just outside of White Water, Wis., and that took a half hour off of our time. I was playing with Richard—Mr. Wall’s son, all the way back and did I have the fun! We had dinner in Lake Geneva and that was the only stop besides the flat. 

Well, It’s time to go to chow now so I’ll quit right here.  

Love to all, 


P.S. Tell Will I got the 104th Article of War.

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