Ebner Keesler Field flag
Ebner responds to his mother’s desperate plea for more letters, and his oldest brother’s (Will) apparent chastisement about the “dearth” of letters.


Air Corps Technical School

Keesler Field, Mississippi


Dear Mom,

I’m sorry to hear you are not getting my mail regular but I’ve written as often as time permitted. Maybe you haven’t been getting all the ail I’ve written because I’ve never postponed it over 4 days. I have received the $20.00 and thanks a lot. I’ve spent most of the money now. You see that I’m writing in pencil. That is because I was too generous and lent my pen to someone who shipped out, pen and all. Until I get another pen I’ll have to write like this.

I have received your letters and I suggest that you number your letters up to 10 and then start all over again. This way I’ll know that I’m getting all your letters. Will’s subject and item letter which is very facetious and not appreciated very much for I’m trying hard to keep writing as much and to as many as feasible. [Older brother, Will, just have chided Frank/Ebner for not writing enough. I don’t have this letter from Will, which obviously upset Frank/Ebner with its sarcastic tone.]

I haven’t written to Holub or Hatley as yet. We have a bugler now and he just blew lights out. I’ve been switched as has everybody else in the 953rd T.S.S. In Hut City (our area’s name). I’m now flight 675’s Flight leader. A fellow (southern) just came in and displayed the provincial Southern hospitality by giving the fellows of the orderly room cake and candy which was sent to him. I must close now, so lots of Love

Your son,

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