B-17 Flying Fortress

Yes, Frank is an Army Air Corps Cadet, but part of his training will be college courses. His parents’ dream was to see all three of their boys graduate from college (my grandparents were able to only complete through fourth grade in Romania.)

Frank was drafted before he could finish college, but his branch of service will get him there after all. In this letter, he tells of  soon shipping out of expensive Miami Beach to attend college at a different location. Almost two years into the war in the fall of 1943, the Army Air Corps realized that trained and educated young men would serve and survive better when at war in the skies.


Sept. 8, 1943

Dear Mom:

I’m on shipment and hope to leave today. I’m feeling swell and hope to come home soon. Don’t get like Cookie and ask me in every letter when I’m getting a furlough.

What day is Will’s birthday? I bought him a present and I’ll send it when I reach my next post. By the way, I’m sending  home some things I’d like to have you hold for me till I need them.

I’m going to like college after this place I played cards the other night and picked up $1.75 at a quarter a hand. One cadet captain is shipping gout with us but to a different place.

He is really a card; always a goood joke or something interesting to say. Wait till you see my tan. It’s not too dark but I’m nicely done. My nose just won’t tan. It peels all the time and is red as if I were drinking.

Leave me know if [Fred’s] anniversary day is Nov. 8. You know why–I’d like to do the thing I told you about.

Well, take care of yourselves and till I see you again keep well and stay happy.

Love to all,


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