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World War II girl makes bomber carburetors; no boys to date!

World War II's "Rosie the Riveter" comes alive in this letter to Frank from a gal back in Chicago. She's working on a "beauty of a carburetor" for bombers. I doubt many girls before the war even knew what a carburetor was. The World War II woman became versed in previously male-only arcane knowledge. Another sign of the World War II years: no boys to date. Read on.

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A star of a gift

A gift from your child—always a treasure, especially when he is thousands of miles away. Frank's mother makes the most of it. My guess is (given it's a "star") is that it's a version of his Army Air Force Patch shown here. As always, I keep a lot of my grandmother's misspellings to give a sense of how hard she worked to communicate with her son despite her struggles with English.

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