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Women’s History Month – Dressmaker Extraordinaire!

Celebrating Women's history month, I'd like to introduce you to an extraordinarily artistic and talented woman: my mother’s mother, Alöisia Koroschetz, née Woschkeruscha (VAUSH-ker-UZH-uh). (She was nicknamed Luisa in Austria, Louise, in America. My mom and I both share the same middle name, after my maternal grandmother).

The Masterpiece

Alöisia Woschkeruscha’s masterpiece, 1912 Alöisia (Luise, later Louise) Woschkeruscha, my maternal grandmother, apprenticed at Frau Elise Vogel’s dressmaking salon in Vienna,  from July 1, 1906 through July 1, 1909 She received her beautiful “diploma,” the Lehrbrief, shown in the last [...]

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