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Black History Month – When, What, Why?

Today is the first day of "Black History Month," an excellent opportunity to recognize the contributions of our fellow black citizens to America's history. Throughout the month, we'll read of scientists, artists, writers, astronauts (even women astronauts!), historians, inventors. Blacks have excelled in every field. They've just been short on recognition.

Martin Luther King-Dream Speech: a remembrance of 8/28/68

Martin Luther King made his "I have a dream" speech on August 28th, 1963. It was held that day in honor of the anniversary of Emmett Till's torture and murder on the same date, in 1955. King murdered: Then in [...]

Harriet Tubman-a woman for all seasons

The choice of Harriet Tubman for America’s $20 bill thrills me because it acknowledges two under-represented groups in our country: women and African Americans. When the face of Susan B. Anthony, a champion of women’s rights, was emblazoned onto a [...]

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