Letters of a World War II Airman


The Garfieldian (local paper of West & perhaps East Garfield Park, Chicago); Article on Frank's promotion to Private 1st Class   Frank is promoted to Private First Class, but the first his family hears of it is in [...]

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3,000 sick soldiers

A close family, The Gartzes probably at North Ave. Beach, Chicago: L-R Will, Josef (Pa) a young Ebner, about 14, Ma, Fred Frank's mom pulled together all the mothering she could muster to help her son, more than [...]

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We even had meat!

Fred and Lil, probably on Easter Sunday, 1942. The outfits look very "Easterish"and I recognize Bethel Church behind them. Home front news in 1943 included meat shortages, car break-downs, nights out for dancing and drinks [rhumba-ing and cocktails [...]

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Plenty of goodies

Frank Von Arx, spring 1943Chanute Field, IL "Oh, what a mother!" Ebner's best friend, Frank Von Arx gets home on furlough, visits the Gartz household, and discovers all the goodies Frank Gartz's mother has been sending him. Hence [...]

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Trench Mouth!

Army Air Corps Radio School sleeve patch-given to each student at the Army Technical School, Sioux Falls, SD Trench Mouth. The word conjures up images of soldiers languishing in World War I rat-infested trenches. But this disease, an [...]

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